AUGUST 6, 2012


El Rey Network Set to Launch on Comcast before 2014

Tres Pistoleros Productions to Create Content for Growing Next Generation Hispanic Market

Santa Monica, California (February 21, 2012) — Today, renowned Hollywood director Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures announced the creation of Tres Pistoleros Productions. One of the first enterprises for Tres Pistoleros Productions will be the development of programming for the El Rey Network, a minority-owned, second-generation Hispanic network set to launch on Comcast by January 2014. The El Rey Network was proposed to Comcast by Rodriguez, Fogelman and Patwa and was selected among over 100 proposals to be part of four new independent networks to be distributed on the Comcast Cable systems.

The partnership will combine the creative direction of Rodriguez with the business acumen of FactoryMade executives John Fogelman and Cristina Patwa. Tres Pistoleros, a new production unit, will have a dedicated focus on the underserved and thriving American Latino market — incubating intellectual property and creating original content across multiple platforms.

As the lead curators of content for El Rey, Rodriguez, Fogelman and Patwa — the Tres Pistoleros — will cultivate a mix of reality, scripted and animated series, movies, documentaries, music, comedy, and sports programming. The El Rey network will primarily be in English and will include programming that strongly features, is produced or is directed by Hispanic celebrities and public figures.

"Tres Pistoleros Productions and the El Rey Network is a momentous step in the right direction for the Latino community in this country. As a second-generation Mexican American and father of five, I am excited that kids like mine will grow up in a place to see themselves and tell their stories," said Robert Rodriguez. "We are passionate about creating content that we can be proud of by appealing to both Latino and mass market audiences."

Recognizing a void in next generation Hispanic entertainment, Fogelman and Patwa conceptualized the idea of launching such a network last year. Rodriguez, who has known Fogelman for over 20 years and who has had tremendous success reaching both Hispanic and general market appeal with films like Spy Kids and Machete, was an obvious choice for Fogelman and Patwa to approach as a partner and leading creative force for their new initiative.

"We engineered El Rey and Tres Pistoleros to address a burgeoning opportunity to deliver unique, high-quality and compelling content to a hard-to-reach demographic. While others are focusing on Spanish speaking content, we recognized a need to focus on American Latinos," said FactoryMade Ventures CEO John Fogelman. "Just as Robert's movies have pushed boundaries globally for decades, we are excited to bring more opportunities to generations of talent, storytellers and dreamers through this partnership."

Robert Rodriguez is an American filmmaker who has directed films such as Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn, The Faculty, Spy Kids, Sin City, Planet Terror, and Machete. Listed as one of TIME magazine's 25 most influential Hispanics, he began his career with El Mariachi in the early 1990's and went on to create films that propelled the careers of prolific talent such as Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Jessica Alba, Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, among many others. Rodriguez, who has a 25-acre studio facility in Austin, Texas, was recently honored by the U.S. Library of Congress's National Film Registry.

Launched in September 2011, FactoryMade Ventures is a hybrid entertainment, media business development and consulting firm that partners with leading creative talent and progressive companies to develop and deliver content across multiple platforms worldwide. This includes creating various formats of original programming, developing interactive viewing and gaming experiences, incubating projects for digital and mobile platforms as well as launching cable television networks both domestically and in emerging international markets. Current clients and partners include J. C. Penney Company, Inc. ("jcpenney"), Hasbro, Telefonica and RTL Group.